It Was Important to Me to Step Up for My Aunt’s Sake

Being single, I have often wondered what would happen to me if I were suddenly to find myself with a chronic illness or a horrible disease that caused me to not be able to rely so much on myself anymore. Recently, I found out that my aunt has cancer, and her husband has not been doing a very good job of caring for her. I was livid when I found out. He was causing her to show up late to her chemo appointment, among other things. I called and set up some scheduled limos to come pick her up and take her home as needed. I could not sit by and just let her miss such very important appointments.

I guess it’s true that I’m lucky in life and have been very fortunate to make the type of money that I do. Continue reading “It Was Important to Me to Step Up for My Aunt’s Sake”

A Party Bus for My Daughter’s Wedding Party

When I decided to hire a limo for my daughter’s wedding, I was thinking about the stretch limos like the one her father and I had when we were married 30 years ago. We still talk about that limo ride now and again because it was so romantic and our first taste of anything luxurious, and I wanted her to have the same thing. When my friend told me I should look at Platinum party bus in Toronto, I wasn’t really sure what to make of that. I was thinking it was a regular bus, but I wanted her to have something memorable.

I went to the site though, because I felt I owed it to my friend to at least look at what she had recommended. I am so glad I did this, because my image of the party bus and the reality of the party bus are two completely different things. Continue reading “A Party Bus for My Daughter’s Wedding Party”

Best Day I Had in Toronto!

I haven’t been to Toronto in awhile, but I decided to go up for a visit with my boyfriend since we had off for the weekend together. We don’t normally have the money or the time to go on vacations, but we got sort of lucky when I bought a scratch off at a gas station and it was a $5000 winner! So, we planned our trip, and some of our friends came alone. We contacted Platinum Toronto party bus rental so that we could see if they had any special schedules that they adhere to or if they just strictly rent them out.

We had never done this before, so we were a little disappointed that they don’t just travel around like taxis all night picking people up at one place and bringing them to another. We had to make a reservation and let them know where we would be going, and at what times we would want to be at these places. We had a few bars and a restaurant on our agenda for the night, so we added those to our schedule.

When we first climbed onto the bus the driver introduced himself and explained what we would be doing that night. We already kind of knew what we wanted to do, but he adjusted it a little bit to throw in spots on the way that would be fun for us on our trip. I was really happy about this little change to our schedule, because he brought us places that normally tourists wouldn’t know about, but were amazing and fun and are now added to our list of hot spots to check out next time we are in Toronto.

Overall, our trip to Toronto was great, especially our party bus adventure. We had a great night, and a great week while we were there. I can’t wait to visit again soon!

Book an Affordable Spring Break Vacation With the Colorado Travel Agency Website, Precise Travel

These days, many people are looking to book that perfect spring break vacation to get away from the stresses of everyday life. But, the problem is, booking the trip can sometimes be as stressful as life itself. That’s when you need a Colorado travel agency website you can trust to find you the best deals to the destination of your choice. Precise Travel is a full service leisure travel shop in Colorado, specializing in helping residents book relaxing vacations all over the world. Whether your ideal locale is a relaxing beach-side retreat, a cruise or a European adventure, Precise Travel is a trusted source of trip information to help you get away for a short, rejuvenating holiday, or that once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The vacation industry has turned into a do-it-yourself online proposition with many confusing Web sites that offer deals on airfare and hotel rooms. It takes a while to become adept at using these sites because the deals and rates are constantly changing. They will also encourage you to book your trip before you are ready to commit to it, leading to non-refundable mistakes. Precise Travel is the Colorado travel agency website that will help you research your next vacation, and guide you to the deals that are right for you, rather than forcing you to commit to a deal you might not be ready for. Now that winter is almost upon us, we’re thinking about getting away for the holidays to avoid the stress of dealing with all the preparations. Not everyone who lives in Colorado wants to deal with yet another harsh winter. Nor do all residents of the state love to ski! Instead, some of us would love to escape to a warm location to enjoy some R&R with our spouse and immediate family instead of battling the tourists at the ski resorts. Precise Travel Colorado travel agency website can help you find the perfect warm-weather destination, as close or as far away as you want to go. You can stay fairly close with a trip to a popular Mexican or Caribbean destination. Many families love the simplicity of all-inclusive resorts that include meals and activities to keep the kids busy while mom and dad relax on the beach. You can choose from resorts in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas to name a few, or pick another location that you’re interested in. The Caribbean also offers many relaxing, family friendly destinations in places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands. Regardless of where you choose, you are sure to enjoy the sun, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Escaping from a Colorado winter couldn’t be easier with help from Precise Travel. For more information about Precise Travel Colorado travel agency website, visit them at There, you’ll find all the information you need to book that fabulous trip now, or whenever you’re ready to embark on an amazing adventure.

Three Biggest Challenges of Travel Agencies and How Travel Agency Management Software Should Help

There are travel agencies which are still managing travels and tour packages manually. Too many papers are wasted daily to check on tours and collaboration among departments in the travel agencies is difficult. Walk in to a typical travel agency and you see stack of papers on the shelf with all tour itineraries, some may even be outdated. If you are lucky enough, you get a good pricing for your tour because the travel agency did not update the pricing or tours on a real-time basis. Main challenges for travel agencies include business operations, costings and employee management. Business Operations Challenges – Updates of travel packages were not applied across all departments and branches, affecting front desk staffs selling packages with old pricing – incurring losses – Difficulties for front desk staffs to check on updates as there were no online, centralized database – Break-down in communications among departments and difficulty to communicate among branches Costing Challenges – Tremendous amount of papers used and wasteful printings for travel packages and itineraries – incurring extra overheads – Employees need to work extra hours to complete checkings and coordination manually – incurring extra employees wages – Communications using traditional methods including faxes, scans, phone calls and land lines incurring additional costs Employee Management Challenges – Fraud of employees punching cards for each other, making losses for extra overtime payments – Leaves are managed manually without accuracy and often miscalculated – Additional employees needed every end of month to calculate working hours to compute payroll Travel Agency Management System – What is Good? For a travel agency management system to work, it should at least have the below features. I am, however, generalizing based on typical travel agencies which still operate manually in Malaysia. For any IT systems to work, it should solve the biggest challenges and bottlenecks in your business. Therefore the below list is just a general one. Real-time, centralized travel itineraries and uploading of tour files – The travel agency management system should be able to centralize data and real-time to allow uploads of tour files for immediate viewing, real-time information across whole company, branches and even with external agents, also allowing front desk staffs to disseminate information accurately. Preferably integrated with back-end system – Should business operations be your main challenge, then the system should integrate with back-end system including but not limited to payroll, time attendance system, e-leave management system, billing, accounting and financial implementation, customer relationship management and loyalty programs to name a few. Payroll calculation and overtime for employees – At month-end, salaries will be headache especially at agencies which also pay overtime for unpredictable work schedule. An integrated system with payroll for calculation of basic salary, overtime and allowances will save costs and time. Audit log files for transactions – Security is also important so the travel agency management system should be able to monitor transactions by viewing transaction history or audit logs of each amendment done. Preferably with multiple payment types – Customers will normally pay for a tour with many different methods so a travel agency solution should allow multiple payment types including by cash, cheque, direct transfer, credit card or tele transfer Connect and maintain centralized customer base with a CRM system – Details of customers registered for tours should be stored in a common database for better customer relationship management.

Incredible India Tour Packages

India is a treasure trove in terms of the variety it offers to the traveler. India is quite popular with overseas traveler because of its rich cultural heritage and also of the various places it has to offer.

A trip to India is surely going to be a worthwhile trip for any traveler. The rich culture along with its architectural splendor is what sets India apart from others .Every state in India is unique and also offers a different experience in terms of food, culture or lifestyle. The ancient temples will transport you to a different era altogether. The snow capped mountains of the Himalayas will be breathtaking. India tours are on every foreign national’s list.

India offers beaches, hill stations and many places of historical significance that one would be surely spoilt for choice. India offers the best of both worlds. So any traveler can witness the simplicity and the appeal of the rural places. On the other hand, a traveler can witness the modern India that offers you the best in hospitality, comfort and luxury. There are several tour operators and travel agents who specialize in tours to India.

Several packages are on offer by them and they help you to travel to various destinations. It is important to book a reputed tour operator for tours of India. Before you book any India Travel Agents ensure that you are provided details about the entire trip. Ask your travel agents details regarding the hotels you will be put up at. Inquire about the meals that are on offer and inquire about any other extra expenditure that is required. For example you might need to spend some money for a cruise or a jungle safari. Ask them if there are free airport transfers or free pick and drop included in the tour cost. Ask them for a breakup of the costs involved .Before you decide to make a trip around India make sure that you have the details regarding the entire expenditure of the tour. There are several India travel guide books that can offer you a wealth of information in terms of sightseeing and other details that one should know about the place.

Needless to say India Travel will be a life time experience for any overseas traveler. Any traveler will be moved by the scenic beauty or the diversity that it will offer us. It is imperative that you book your trip in advance during the peak season to avoid disappointments regarding reservation.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi offers various attractions such as Al Maqtaa Fort, Dhow Cruising, Heritage Village, and Bateen Shipyard. There are lots of new and exciting things to do in the Abu Dhabi and the night life of Abu Dhabi is Awesome. you will have great luxurious facilities in Abu Dhabi as well. But that do not mean that the budget for holiday in Abu Dhabi is high. Abu Dhabi holidays offer all these things in affordable price as well.

If you are planning to go to Abu Dhabi for holiday then you will find many airlines that offer affordable flights to Abu Dhabi. The airlines like Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Gulf Airlines has a great affordable flight schedule. Talking about the rates of the flight from United States to Abu Dhabi then it is approximately between 700$ to 900$.

After reaching there, you will need a affordable hotel where you can stay during the holiday but there is nothing to worry about it because there are many great and popular hotels available in the Abu Dhabi that offers luxurious facilities like Attractive restaurant, Fitness center, Swimming pools and the Internet. And all these things are provided in affordable price too. The rates of these hotels for a day stay are starts from 50$ and few most popular hotels rates are approximately 250$. Hotels like Emirates Palace, Eclipse boutique suites and Al Manzel are the most popular hotels in Abu Dhabi which price are between 150$ to 300$.

To rent a car is the best thing to do to get all around the city to find and visit the all great and famous things and places in Abu Dhabi. There are more then 400 local companies that offer the good and affordable car rent service. Trawler, Dollar, Europcar and Budget are the some of the best car rent service provider in Abu Dhabi. And all these companies’ rates are very affordable. The rates are some where between 150$ to 250$. All these car rent service provider are the professional and they takes care of all the needs of their customers. They provide highly trained drivers, as well as great luxurious vehicle. And they provide maximum security to their customers.

So now we know that the Abu Dhabi is a complete package of the holiday for you and your family. And overall, Abu Dhabi has every thing that any one wants during their holiday time. You will definitely enjoy your holiday in Abu Dhabi and you will have great time in Abu Dhabi.

Want Some Magic Ideas for Your Next Vacation to Maldives?

When it comes to looking for the perfect way to spend your vacation, there is a wealth of vacation packages to choose from. Here are some examples of the different types of vacation packages that you can pick out for your next vacation.

Perhaps you want to take a trip to the fantabulous sites of the Maldives then Maldives holidays package will suit you to a T. With a lot of terrific sightseeing attractions sited in the Maldives including the National Museum, The President’s Palace, Republic Square and several other amusements in the capital city Male, you can really look forward to having a great time. Perhaps a Maldives vacation package designed for you. Or you might want to combine the two and take advantage of one of the deals that include all-inclusive attractions that you can avail of at a discounted price rate.

A Maldives vacation package may be right for you. Encompassing a variety of scenic attractions and places to visit, the Maldives deal is a great choice for the couple who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to get some fun. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of cheap Maldives vacation packages that offer decent lodgings and tickets to a few good shows, as well as incentives to see some of the other sites around town. Maldives travel packages are probably one of the most versatile, as there are not that many times of the year when snapping up on of the the packages and deals does make sense. The Male city is a lot of fun just about all year round.

Looking to laze in the appealing sunshine and dabble in the crystal-clear water? Again, Maldives all-inclusive package offered by a leading travel agency will be a right answer for you. Enjoy soft breezes, a warm climate, plenty of sunshine and some great shopping, all within a few minutes. Although the vacation packages are not the cheapest often yet if you are looking for perfect and complete relaxation, a few other vacation packages can be compared to what you will find in.

One can find a family vacation package Maldives that is right for just about any set of circumstances. You can have great sunshine and surf or snow and skiing. If money is an issue, there are plenty of cheap vacation packages Maldives that will be of interest to you. If you want to enjoy airfare, hotel, car rental, and other services, there are all-inclusive Maldives vacation packages available for you. Why not get in touch with a travel agent today, grab some brochures, and start planning your next vacation to Maldives today?

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Limousine

There is no better way to suggest sophistication, class and luxury than to use a limousine for a special event. If you want to arrive at a place in style, you should indeed do so in a limousine.

• There are many occasions such as proms, shopping trips, graduations, concerts, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette events, ladies’ night-out, and of course, weddings and arrival at a honeymoon destination that deserve something special – travel in a limo!

• If someone you know is arriving in Bahrain for a business-related event, such as a conference or a seminar, and you want to offer the best possible reception to that special invitee, you should look for a limousine service. You could also opt for one if you are arriving in Bahrain for some special event and want to create an impact.

• A cultural extravaganza organized in Bahrain and you need to get the special invitees/participants flown in, and then sent off to the airport just after the event is over? Nothing provides them the best comfort and sophistication than a limousine.

• Bahrain is also famous for its Formula One circuit, and there are limo services on offer exclusively for the same. You could also shop and dine after the event.

• Limousine services provide chauffeurs to ensure that passengers feel pampered and enjoy their journey. So, if you or your loved ones need to feel special or pampered on a certain occasion, a chauffeured limousine is ideal.

• Bahrain has a vibrant night life and if you are interested in pub hopping, and unwinding at a lounge or night club, you can do so by hiring a limousine for some extra fun.

• Bahrain also has many farmers’ marketplaces where you can buy many varieties of vegetables and fruits, so go the whole distance, buy a lot of stuff and get into your limousine once you are done.

• If handling transportation on your big fat wedding day is worrying you, all you need to do is just hire a limousine service. If you are someone who loves to plan everything down to the last detail, a limousine service should also be on your list of priorities.

• Shopping in Bahrain can be a fun experience, as the place is full of malls, boutiques and souks. You can shop for textiles, gold, spices and perfumes as a limousine is on stand-by. If there is a wedding coming up in your family, and you need to pick up a lot of stuff ahead of the big event, including gifts and fineries, you should get a chauffeured limousine and get every task on your wish-list completed.

You could also seek the services of one of the wedding planners in Bahrain for the big day, and the other events preceding the grand wedding. If you need to do a lot of travelling within Bahrain and want to make it as stress-free as possible, there are plenty of limousine services in Bahrain to choose from. With a rental service, you don’t have to depend on public transport. Also, you can choose from a wide fleet of limos, depending on the duration of your requirement and the occasion. If style is everything, a limo is just right for you!

Pioneer Journeys The Pioneering Travel Agency in India

It was our 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something very special for my wife. I wanted to thank her for all those wonderful moments we spent together. After long days of discussions with friends and Internet surfing, I finally decided upon going for a vacation. Though we had been to so many places in all these years but this time I wanted it to be special and exclusive. I read so many travel blogs and was moved by a post where the travel blogger shared his experiences in India. After browsing a few more blogs on Vacations to India, I knew where to head forward.

Since I wanted to surprise my wife, I could not take her help in deciding where to go and stay in India. But, at the same time, I wanted to make this trip to India special in every possible manner. Appointing a travel agency was the first thought that came to my mind but the problem was how to locate the best travel agency India. I again took help of Google to find a travel agency that caters to our requirements well and Pioneer Journeys was the name at the top. Before contacting the agency, I had a look at their website and it was pretty impressive. All the tours were categorized properly and finding the tour of one’s choice was just a cakewalk. Even, I referred to the testimonials present on the website and most of them were written by foreign travelers. With this, I was sure the company is proficient in handling foreign clients and has a good rapport.

Though the website offers the option of booking a tour online itself but I wanted to have a word with their representative before doing so. It was my first visit to India and was little skeptical about it. However, this feeling faded away as soon as I had a conversation with an agent from this travel agency India. I was told about all different kinds of tours and how they can be customized according to our preferences. I told them a few requirements and they presented a detailed itinerary matching perfectly with our requirements.

Upon reaching India, their team welcomed us and everything happened according to the itinerary presented initially. From driver to the food, every arrangement made was simply flawless. We believe our anniversary could not have been so special if Pioneer Journeys had not been involved. It was truly a mesmerizing experience and you can also contact this travel agency company when planning to visit India.