A Party Bus for My Daughter’s Wedding Party

When I decided to hire a limo for my daughter’s wedding, I was thinking about the stretch limos like the one her father and I had when we were married 30 years ago. We still talk about that limo ride now and again because it was so romantic and our first taste of anything luxurious, and I wanted her to have the same thing. When my friend told me I should look at Platinum party bus in Toronto, I wasn’t really sure what to make of that. I was thinking it was a regular bus, but I wanted her to have something memorable.

I went to the site though, because I felt I owed it to my friend to at least look at what she had recommended. I am so glad I did this, because my image of the party bus and the reality of the party bus are two completely different things. I knew as soon as I saw some pictures of the inside of the party bus that I had to get one for her wedding. It has the same luxuriousness of the stretch limos, but there is so much more room to move about.

When my husband and I were in our stretch limo, we had the seats right by the door so it wasn’t bad for us to get in and out. Some of our wedding party did have a bit of a harder time though, and I knew that this would eliminate that. Everyone walks into the bus, and no one has to be stooped over to move around. It is like walking around a regular bus or motor home. Plus, the perks are really nice, as there is a sound system, a lighting system that I knew they would have fun, and a bar all around the bus. I am definitely getting this for her!