Saudi Arabia Work Visa; Business Visas to Visit KSA

Visas to work in Saudi Arabia

If you are going to be working in Saudi Arabia then you will need a Saudi Arabian Work visa or a Business Visa.This article will discuss the types of visas that you need as well as the various problems that you may encounter;

There are several different types of Saudi visas that you can apply for but only the work visa allows you to work within Saudi Arabia. A business visa is often procured for people to work there, but this often being misused to get around restrictions that have been placed on the company.

This hub will detail out my experiences of getting a Saudi Arabia Visa and the MANY problems that I have encountered, I have been thrown out of the Saudi Embassy in London after I was insulted by staff, had documents destroyed, been forced to pay bribes and even ended up as an illegal alien that had to be smuggled out of KSA illegally.
Saudi Visas
Saudi Work Visa
Saudi Work Visa | Source
Saudi Business Visa
Saudi Business Visa | Source
Types of Saudi Visa

There are 5 main types of Visa that you can apply for when looking to enter KSA for either work or just to visit;
Saudi Business Visa;

This is for business men and women working for companies outside Saudi Arabia so that they can come into the Kingdom to work with or for a Saudi company. The duration can be one, three or 6 months. It can also be used by companies to bring you into the kingdom to work on a short term contract or to try you out during your trial period, although this is not what the visa is for. Often, if a company has problems gaining a work visa due to not being able to get authorization due to employing too few local Saudis they will bring an employee on this visa.
Saudi Work Visa;

This is for those that have been offered a contract to be working in Saudi Arabia, you will require to have medicals and submit educational certificates, all of which have to be legalized. Use an agent to do this as you will have to complete a large amount of paperwork. This visa is valid for 90 days at the end of which the company has to convert it to an Iqama which is your residency and work permit to allow you to stay and work in the country.
Saudi Holiday Visa

It is available, but unless you are Muslim with family in Saudi Arabia to sponsor your visit you are unlikely to get it! They do however want to develop the tourist industry so it will be interesting to see how this develops.
Dependent visa for Saudi Arabia

This is for the family of those that have an approved work visa. Please note however that only legalized marriage will be recognized, you can’t bring your girlfriend even if you have been together for 20 years.
Umrah/Haj Visa

This is for those that wish to visit to make Umrah/Haj, religious pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). This is only for Muslims and the visas are limited by number and through approved travel agents only.

Saudi Iqama

Your Iqama or residency permit has to be applied for within 90 days of your entering the country on a work visa. This entitles you to stay and work within the country for your sponsor (employer). Without an Iqama you will not be able to open bank accounts, send money out of the country or even buy a SIM card for your phone.

The application is pretty straight forward and should be done by your sponsor. You will have to undertake another medical which will be pretty straight forward. This should be paid for by your employer and will probably cost around 250 Saudi Riyals.

You will also be fingerprinted and your eyes will be scanned.

Iqama or Saudi Residency Permit
Saudi Iqama
Saudi Iqama
Saudi Azad Visa

BEWARE – There is actually no such thing as an “Azad” Visa but many people offer to sell these visas to people at a huge cost. The Azad visa is often advertised as a visa that will allow you to work freely within the kingdom, however this is far from the truth.

To get into Saudi Arabia you need to have a sponsor (employer) who can provide you with a visa, this has prompted a small industry to rise where many Saudis will sell a visa to an expat and then allow the expat to work where ever they wish to. Often this visa will cost between 10 Thousand to 20 Thousand Riyals.

However, you are not allowed to work for anyone other than your sponsor! This means that you cannot work for anyone else legally. There is, however a thriving black market for illegal workers and many people do find work, often on lower wages and with worse conditions than those legally employed. But the government is cracking down on these practices and if you are caught then you will be sent home and there will not be any refund of the money that you have spent! This is a very risky way indeed to work within the kingdom.

Far better to just apply for jobs advertised within the kingdom, if you are hired your sponsor will pay for your visa in full and you will be fully covered by Saudi Labor Law. Avoid the Azad visa as it really is a huge risk.
Useful Links for your Visa

Saudi Embassy in London UK
This is the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London, You will find all of the information you require to apply for your Saudi Arabian visa here.
The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Homepage US
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, information and requirements for your visa application.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), information regarding requirements to enter and work in Saudi Arabia, you can also track your Saudi Arabian Visa here using the visa reference number.
Ministry of Hajj
Information regarding Hajj in Saudi Arabia, a handy website if you are looking to make Hajj allowing you to gain all the information for your Saudi Visa

Application for Saudi Visa

Whichever country you are coming from, read the requirements for the visa very carefully on the Saudi Arabian Embassy website in your country. On the whole you will be far better off using an agent to do the application for you and they can recommend the best places to get medical reports and so on that you will require. The agent can make sure that everything is correct rather than having it rejected by the Saudi embassy.

You will have to submit your educational certificates, all of which will need to be legalized. The process for doing so will be explained on their websites or by the agent, again, you can get the agent to do this for you, but the costs will start to mount – make sure that your employer will shoulder the expenses, as not all will!

Do not be surprised if no care is taken of your precious original certificates, my pristine, well kept degree certificate was sent between two sheets of stiff card to protect it, it was returned after having been totally screwed up and then folded in half to be returned! It is so badly damaged that it is almost unreadable in places! I have learned the hard way that many Saudis have no respect for any non-Saudis!
Get a Saudi Visa to view the Kingdom
Sunset on the Red Sea
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Jeddah | Source
The Reality of Applying for a Saudi Arabian Work Visa

The first time I got a visa for Saudi Arabia (KSA) in England was quite straight forward, I took all of my paperwork to the Saudi embassy in London and received it a couple of days later, no problem at all.

The Saudi Arabian visa was a business visa, good for 3 months, which was meant to keep me until they could sort out a residency visa (Iqama) for me. However, be careful, they do not tell you, you are supposed to just know, that this visa has to be stamped every month for you to remain legally in the kingdom. Failure to do so could land you in prison for a few weeks while the problem is sorted out, and believe me nothing is done quickly here!

The company that I was working for was having problems with getting work visas so I was sent home after 2 and a half months, the visa section said that I could only have 2 weeks of my last month!

Applied for my Saudi Arabian Business visa in the same way, again, no problem and was back in Saudi within a few weeks, back to work. Again visa being stamped every month. This time I was completely refused my third month, only having a week to get out (after pleading and begging!), so I had to cancel appointments and training courses that I was running which I rescheduled for about 3 weeks later. But; read on..
Visiting the Saudi Embassy

This application for a new business visa was a real experience;

I returned to England, completed my paperwork, went to the Embassy and handed it all over for processing;

This is what the conversation was like when I applied for my Saudi Arabian Visa

“You can’t give that here,” said the guy behind the counter.

“why,” I asked..

“We have changed our process, you have to use an agent.”

“Why does your website still show the old way of doing things with no mention of this?”

“I don’t know, it’s not my responsibility”

“Can you give me the name of an agent?”


“Why not?”

“You have to get it from the website”

“can’t you just give me a name or print it out for me?”


“why did you change the system?”

“because everyone was coming in the office complaining that we were late giving them visas and they were missing flights, now they complain to the agents not us.”

“How long will this take now?”

“I don’t know, maybe 10 days” (it was 2 days before)

“Now I will have to rearrange my flight, you are not making things easy for us to come to your country”

“We don’t want you shit in our country!” – He actually said this, I am not sure what my reply was, I know I was shouting and demanding to see someone in authority as the security physically carried me out!!

So, my second stay waiting for my third visa took over a month, I had to rearrange all of my appointments again, without being able to give a truly firm date! Not so good for business as you can imagine, my credibility was totally shot!

Finally returned to find that the company still could not get a Saudi Arabian residency visa and that I would be unlikely to be sure of even the second month of my business visa, clients were demanding that I resolve the issue or there would be no business with them! – Eventually I moved company so that I did not have this problem, the next company getting me a residency visa and my Iqama within a few weeks, which is what should happen, but I hear so very many many stories!
Get a Saudi Arabian Visa to see KSA
Dependant Visas

Not all jobs in Saudi allow you to bring your spouse or children (They now say that all jobs are allowed to bring their families but I still know some people who have been refused as the demand was just too great after this was announced!), check before you take the job if you will be able to bring your family before you travel or you may get a shock! Each visa declares the “job” that the person may be doing, mine stated that I was a “business analyst” (all in Arabic so you can’t read it yourself), this is a professional position so I was entitled to bring my family. However some other professional types that I knew had Saudi Arabia Work visas that did not have job titles that reflected their actual position in the companies for which they worked in Saudi Arabia, these titles were often very basic and were not sufficient to allow them to bring their families!

Processing your visa application when you are in Saudi should be fairly straightforward. However not always, my friends that I know here have had no problems, I had nothing but problems – but then I found out why!