Travel Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

Travel Nurses and Other Healthcare Workers

When hospitals and other healthcare facilities find themselves in the position of having more work than healthcare workers, they often turn to travel healthcare professionals such as travel nurses, travel medical technologists, travel radiology technicians, travel physical therapists, travel occupational therapists, travel respiratory therapists, and more. This article discusses What a travel healthcare worker is, how to be come a travel nurse or other kind of travel healthcare worker, companies which place travel healthcare workers, pay and other travel healthcare worker issues.
Travel Nurses
The Demand for Travel Healthcare Professionals

The United States spent about three trillion dollars on healthcare in 2013 and costs will continue to rise at about 4% per year well into the future. One of the results of The Affordable Care Act will be more people insured and therefore more people seeking treatment. The demand for healthcare workers of all kinds remains high. But many healthcare facilities are having a hard time filling positions in many of their departments. There just aren’t enough healthcare professionals to meet all the needs.

When hospitals and other healthcare facilities find themselves in the position of having more work than healthcare workers, they often turn to travel healthcare professionals such as travel nurses, travel medical technologists, travel radiology technicians, travel physical therapists, travel occupational therapists, travel respiratory therapists, and more.

Travel healthcare professionals are individuals who contract with a healthcare facility to fill the position for which they are qualified, for an agreed upon amount of time.
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Healthcare Professions Which Utilize Travelers

If you are a healthcare professional, chances are that travelers are used in your particular discipline. This article would be much longer if an exhaustive list were to be included. Simply go to your search engine and type in “Traveler” or “Travel” followed by the name of your healthcare profession. For example, type in “Traveler histology technician.” There will be two and a half million results in Google. Type in “Travel nurse” and there will be 117 million results.

Once you have determined that there are travelers involved in your healthcare profession, it is time to look into which travel healthcare agencies you will contact.
Where to Find a Travel Healthcare Position
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How do I Pick a Travel Healthcare Agency?

First of all, you will likely pick more than one agency at the beginning. You will want to talk with recruiters about benefits and pay as well as the extent of their involvement with your profession. Not all travel healthcare agencies do an equally good job with all of the healthcare disciplines they promote.

Go online and try to find a blog or bulletin board about travelers in your profession. Ask what companies they recommend.

Talk to people where you currently work or where you have worked in the past. One or more of them may have done travel work or may know a traveler. Find out what companies they have dealt with and if they were satisfied.
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How the Process Works

Most travel healthcare professionals seek the assistance of a travel healthcare agency. Initially these agencies are contacted by healthcare facilities who are in need of someone to temporarily fill a position in one of their departments.

The travel healthcare agency then contacts individuals who have either worked for them in the past or have filled out applications to work with the agency when positions become available. The travel healthcare agency guides the potential travel healthcare professional through all the paperwork, making sure they meet all the requirements to be a traveling healthcare professional in their particular discipline. Licensure for particular States may need to be obtained before being allowed to work there.

When all requirements have been met, the agency presents the resume of the potential traveler to the facility.

The healthcare facility chooses from among the resume’s which healthcare professionals they will interview.

After an interviewee has been chosen by the facility, the travel healthcare agency works with the facility to develop a contract which both the facility and the travel healthcare professional will sign.

The traveler reports for work on the assigned day and fulfills the requirements of the contract for the contract period which is normally thirteen weeks. The facility may ask the traveler to stay beyond the first contract period if they have not been able to hire a permanent employee. This is referred to as extending or as an extension. If a traveler is asked to extend then a new contract is created. The traveler is never obligated to agree to an extension.

During the contract period, the travel healthcare professional is not an employee of the facility. He or she is an employee of the travel agency. Timecard information is sent to the agency who then pays the travel healthcare professional for their work. The healthcare facility pays the agency for the services of the travel healthcare professional.
Travel Pay is Very Good
How the Travel Healthcare Professional is Paid

The travel healthcare professional is paid in several different ways.

Hourly pay
Per Diem
Travel to and from the assignment.

The work of a travel healthcare professional can be very lucrative. It can also be much less lucrative. It all depends on the expectations of the traveler in terms of housing and transportation.

Housing: There are two ways to be paid for housing, Per Diem Housing, which is tax free and Housing Allowance, which is taxable. The traveler can choose to let the travel agency find a place for them to live during their contract period. If the traveler chooses this path, the agency will most likely spend all of the housing money, meaning the traveler will probably have a very nice place to live. On the other hand, if the traveler wants to find their own housing, they will be given the entire housing allowance each month. If they choose to find living arrangements that do not require the entire housing allowance, they keep what is not spent. This is a key way for a traveler to increase their take home pay. Less expensive housing possibilities include the following:

Renting a bedroom that also provides restroom and kitchen privileges.
Renting an efficiency apartment.
Finding someone who wants to share an apartment.
Renting a basement apartment or an apartment over a garage.
Renting an apartment in an extended stay facility.

Per Diem pay (tax free): This is an amount that the travel agency provides to the traveler to cover incidental expenses. If the traveler wants to be careful with their spending, much of this amount can be saved because what is not spent is kept by the traveler.

Vehicle allowance (taxable): If the traveler wishes, the agency will pay for a rental car for the entire contract period. If the traveler has their own vehicle, the agency will pay them a generous amount for gasoline and maintenance. What is not spent, is kept by the traveler.

Hourly pay (taxable): The agency will negotiate with the facility for a per hour amount. Keep in mind, this is taxable income. There are two payment categories that are non taxable. If you travel, consider keeping your hourly pay as low as possible and putting that money in either the housing or per diem accounts.

Travel reimbursement: The agency will pay you for travel to and from the assignment. This can be by purchasing a plane ticket or by reimbursing you for gasoline and motel expenses. If you drive, you will have your own car during the assignment along with a set amount of pay for gasoline throughout the assignment. So consider driving to the location of your assignment rather than flying at the agency’s expense. Since the flight money would otherwise come to you, you are actually buying your own plane ticket. There may be a cap on how much the agency will reimburse you for gasoline for both the trip to and the trip from your assignment.
Requirements and Prerequisites for Becoming a Traveling Healthcare Professional

Licenses and certifications should all be in hand when applying to a travel healthcare agency. Many travel healthcare professionals will be required to have valid/current CPR certification.

Have professional references already in place. This will be one of the first things a travel healthcare agency will ask you to provide.

Get all immunization records ready to fax/email to the travel agency. Make sure you have had all three Hepatitis B vaccine shots and be able to verify.